Body Image

Since this seems to be a recurring topic with me, I wanted to compile a list of my posts on body image and self esteem. Check out these posts (listed in chronological order) and resources to read about the journey, the process and where I am today.

Below is the list of my main posts surrounding body image and self-esteem issues. They're listed from earliest to most recent and I would advise you to consider them as a whole and not as standalone posts (particularly the older ones) as this journey is by no means at an end.

There is a good amount of overlap between these tags, but here are some tags that I've used over the years to talk about this issue:

Below is a list of resources that have helped me on my own journey and are constantly making me challenge the way I think and the way I talk to myself. If you have resources you'd like to share, let me know and I'll see about getting them up here. As I am fat, a good amount of the resources lean that way, but I'd love to get a list of resources that people of every size, shape, gender and sex can use.

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