About Lindsey

I'm a thirtysomething, living in a city I adore, growing in a career I love and enjoying every minute of my life. I'm engaged to my wonderful fiance, living in CLE with our bulldog and cat. I love to laugh, but I have my own demons (read the blog for details. Really). I'm opinionated, but fallible. I'm open and honest, but cautious and guarded. I have a soft spot for a good cup of tea or coffee, almost any chocolate, and a good book.

I have changed a lot over the several years that I've been writing this blog. It's helped me connect to friends, express my opinions, and given me a creative outlet. Read, comment, like, repost, tweet, whatever you will.


Other random information people occasionally find interesting:

  • Favorite book: You want me to choose just one? Currently: Station Eleven
  • Favorite music: Again, how can you choose just one? As far as genres, I can include most of jazz, alternative, folk, bluegrass, classical, R&B, punk, synth pop, and classic rock.
  • Favorite tea: Tazo Zen 
  • Favorite drink: Scotch Manhattan, preferably with Glenfiddich
  • Favorite food: Cheese. Definitely cheese. 
  • Favorite place: Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights, Ohio. After a bad day, this is one of the few places can restore my faith in humanity and get me feeling human again.
  • Favorite smell(s): Cinnamon, vanilla, mint, ginger, and the smell of my Nonna's homemade spaghetti sauce.

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