Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3 Reasons I Was Completely Unprepared for Whole 30, Day 1

I thought I was prepared... HA!
That's right. I jumped on the bandwagon. Well, more accurately, I was impressed with how highly my family and friends spoke of Whole30 and I'd become increasingly frustrated with my eating habits and the way they were making me feel (the eating habits, not the family and friends). I've been gluten-free in the past and even cut back on dairy for quite a while. But give up all grains, sugar, dairy and legumes? That sounded really tough. Tough, but necessary.

I approached it strategically, much like I do everything else to be honest. I wrote a spreadsheet (or three), I visited multiple grocery stores stocking up on my essentials. I read and re-read the program instructions and guidelines. I researched the books; curated recipes from everyone (thanks, guys!) and everywhere (Pinterest) I could find. And yet, I was unprepared for the reality that is Day 1. Let me tell you why.

  1. I got overconfident with my meal plan - I made the crucial mistake of assuming just because I wrote a meal plan for the month (and I did!) that everything would magically fall into place. I did some meal prep, but I guess I expected to just remember to put together the next day's meals when I got home at night. Let me tell you, that is not how it went. I fortunately had prepared a compliant dinner the night before, so that was packed up to take to work, but breakfast was completely missed thanks to my lack of preparation.

  2. I was unprepared for hiccups (and my long days) - Admittedly, if my day had worked out how it was supposed to, it wouldn't have been as hard. But I work in a job where things (such as offsite meetings that take up a half day) can crop up at a moment's notice and I have to be flexible. Being compliant and flexible was not my cup of tea. My coworkers can testify.  No, I couldn't eat anything that was served at the meeting. And, no, I couldn't bring my packed lunch with me. But what I could've gone is had an "emergency stash" like a bag of nuts and veggies or a Larabar. In all honesty, even if I hadn't had the unexpected meeting, these things still would've been fantastic to have because it somehow slipped my mind that I had class until nine o'clock tonight and I was starving. Apparently the only compliant thing that they sell on college campuses these days is fruit cups. Fruit cups are awesome. But not every day and not as a meal. Gah, so grumpy.

  3. I had forgotten what "hungry" felt like - I was completely unprepared for feeling hungry. Weird, I know. Oh, I know I've thought I was hungry. But actually being hungry (not just wanting to eat) is a sensation that is pretty much foreign to my stomach and my willpower.
So Day 1. Oh, Day 1. It was hard. I got through thanks to the encouragement from friends who've done it already, so I knew they knew what they were talking about. I still am "hungry". I really want a cookie. And a McDonald's breakfast sandwich. And that right there is why I need to stick with this. Even if it's just a one-time (err, one month) exercise to teach myself a lesson. 

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