Wednesday, April 22, 2015

2015: A Year of Change

Well. This year certainly has started off as a whirlwind. Many changes, many plans. Here's a quick rundown of the details.

2015's Fun So Far

  1. Turned 30. (As you know if you read this blog at all.)
  2. New job (Meh.)
  3. New relationship (Goes by Richard.)
  4. Moved in with boyfriend (Yay!)
  5. Have access to a garden plot again finally (So thrilled!)
  6. Purchased a brand new computer (which should be delivered sometime this week)

Exciting Plans!
  1. Hot rodding the new computer with Richard's help
  2. Trip to Michigan this weekend
  3. Starting new part-time business venture
  4. Two week road trip out west through Badlands and Glacier National Park with Richard
  5. Getting my finances in order (I know. I say this every year.)
  6. Fresh produce from our garden. Peas are already in and the rest should be going in over the next month or so. 
  7. Back to school in the fall