Sunday, August 3, 2014

Moving Prep

My living room, mid-sorting process
My free time this past week has been spent trying to get a head start on the moving process. I have come to the realization that I have way too much stuff. So, I'm attempting to cut down. Both for space reasons and for my sanity. Ninety percent of the clothes I own, I haven't worn in over a year. I have closets full of stuff I don't even need. So I've started going through pretty much everything I own. This means a lot of shuffling of boxes and bins, going through all the closets, and sorting between what are starting to become permanent fixtures in my apartment: the trash, donation and laundry piles.

  • The laundry pile: Oh-so-self-explanatory. On top of all the normal laundry, I have the added laundry that comes from sorting through clothes storage and having to rewash all the clothes that have been stored away for far too long. 
  • The donation pile: While trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff, I'm trying to be conscientious about what I do with the things I'm discarding. Often, when we look to discard stuff, we feel awkward about just throwing things away. However, I recently was talking with a coworker who volunteers by collecting donations. She mentioned in passing that the majority of the things people donate are actually useless. Essentially, people donate trash that they don't want to throw out. And that then wastes the volunteers' time as they have to sort through all the donations and discard all of the unusable items. So, while I fill my donation bags, I'm trying to keep that in mind.
  • The trash pile: Okay, so now that I've gotten through the exposition about the donation pile, this is pretty self-explanatory as well. It essentially just means that I'm throwing out a lot more than I expected. And unless someone wants to take donations of trashed clothing (perhaps you're looking to make a shabby chic rag rug?), into the trash they go. 

Now that my short sorting break is done, I need to sign off. I was going to go back to cleaning, but as I'm struggling to keep my eyes open, I think I may just hit the sack. The clothes will still be there tomorrow (and, boy, have I heard that before). And my sleep-deprived writing will probably need a serious edit in the morning.

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