Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Moving Prep 2.0

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How time has flown! I sat down today in front of my computer and looked in shock at my work calendar. This coming Monday is September. September, people! I can't believe this year is going this quickly! I have just over two weeks before I make a move out to the 'burbs (sniffle, goodbye my Cleveland apartment and my ten-minute commute!) and just over a month before I hand over the keys to my current apartment.

I've been more than a little anxious about this move. It's a good move financially and I'm looking forward to a variety of fun and exciting things about the new place. Living with a friend, being near the MetroParks, being near a freeway (hallelujah!), and even access to a pool! But even when we recognize that change is a good thing, it still can be nerve-wracking. Apparently, this time is no different.

As previously stated, the longer commute is what I'm least looking forward to.  I've built up this fantasy in my head that once I move to the new place, I'll miraculously transform into the earliest of early birds, one who gets up before the crack of dawn to enjoy an hour or two of solitude before I leave for work. I can just picture it: I wake up slowly, wander into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and end up relaxing with a good book on the porch before getting ready to start my day. Yeah. Right. In reality, I know that this is highly unlikely and I will, instead, likely end up running late for the first six months, trying to get used to the longer commute with heavier traffic.

So, as I'm going through this chaos of attempting to pack, clean and organize in order to relocate, there are a few things that are keeping me sane and/or making the time more enjoyable:

  1. Imogen Heap's new album Sparks. Have you heard this amazingness?! It's phenomenal. Granted, I was a diehard Imogen Heap fan already, so this may just be a matter of course. 
  2. My new (to me!) bike and the Towpath. I was recently gifted a secondhand bike from some family members looking to get rid of it and this has to be the best thing I've gotten in a while. Add to that, the fact that I live near the Erie Canal Towpath and it makes for a pretty awesome combination. Just last Saturday, I spent a wonderful afternoon biking the Towpath with a friend and I returned home exhausted, but happy.
  3. Cutting down on Netflix. I love me some Netflix. But it's become a habit for me to come home and sit down in front of an episode (or three). While I don't have a problem with this overall, I've found that it doesn't relax me so much as it just turns my brain off rather than relieving any stress.
  4. Kim Harrison's Hollows Series. Based in an alternate universe Cincinnati, Ohio, this fun series has been my escape for the past week or so. Fantasy novels centered around the P.I.-styled character of Rachel Morgan. 
  5. Unfuck Your Habitat. UFYH has been my inspiration to get a head-start on cleaning, packing and organizing my life. Common sense tips with motivation challenges and methods. And a no-nonsence, filter-free sense of humor that makes me smile. 

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