Sunday, July 27, 2014

Apartment Hunting Woes

The more I look for apartments, the more I realize just how much I hate apartment living. All of this money thrown away every month and for nothing. And it seems like the apartments just keep getting more expensive for less space. Granted, there are a few perks. I don't have to worry about repairs, I'm not exactly stressing out over the state of the housing market.

I have less than two weeks to decide my fate when it comes to whether or not I want to move. As much as I've complained about my current apartment, looking around the city really opened my eyes to how good I have it. Sure, there were some nice apartments. But the well-kept ones were tiny and/or ridiculously expensive. And the roomy ones mostly smelled of cat pee or shared a back entrance with a convenience store that smelled of bong water. My current apartment's bigger and has better parking than any of the apartments I looked at. There have been some maintenance issues, sure, but part of that is on me as I wasn't standing up for myself and making sure the job got done in a timely manner.

Also, while speaking with the realtor, she enlightened me to a new trend for landlords: not providing appliances. None. No stove, no fridge, no washer and dryer. While I can see how this would make financial sense for them (they're not responsible for repairs if it's not their machine), it makes me wonder if I'm making the right decision to stay in apartments for the foreseeable future. They're still charging me the same (or higher) amount in rent, but now I have to furnish and repair all the appliances on my own? That's one of the reasons I haven't looked into homeownership before --because I didn't want to have to deal with that.

So now, I'm sitting here trying to weigh my options and am having to acknowledge the facts. I can move to the other side of town to a smaller apartment that's farther from work. And more expensive. But is closer to friends. Or I can stay in my current apartment, with cheaper rent, covered parking and a 10 minute commute. And just drive a little ways to hang out with people more.  I've been trying to take some time to think on it.  But I can't delay to long as I really need to act now, if I'm going to act at all.  

It also has me thinking the scariest thought I've had in a long time: Maybe I should look into buying a house next year.

Excuse me, world, I need to go hide from adulthood in my blanket fort for a little while longer.
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