Monday, July 15, 2013

Heat Stroke

Normally I love living in an old building. Great architecture, cool neighborhood, and great "character". Today is not one of those days. Today is one of the days that I am a little bit grumpy about it. One of the things that is most challenging about living in old buildings is the lack of air conditioning. 

As it is, right now I am hiding away in my bedroom with my one little window AC unit, dinner (tostadas and salad), and a bottle of wine. Opening the door and moving to the other room is like hitting a wall of heat, so I've resigned myself to forces exile to the bedroom for the rest of the evening.

Not too bad a prospect as I get to spend the evening with Stephen Hawking. Well, "Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking", that is.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Gets Me Through

I've been sitting here for a couple days trying to figure out what to write. Life is busy, but nothing terribly significant to write about. Mostly, it's just mindless movement forward, trying to get to the next milestone or significant revelation.  This feeling of pervasive monotony means that I'm going back to my one true love to get me through the day: MUSIC! Here are some of my current favorite songs, artists, etc., that help the days speed by.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Not A Compliment

Most days, I try not to let the things people say irk me. Most days, I succeed. And then some days I just want to take people who say things without thinking and give them a lecture.

Today, let's review what IS and IS NOT a compliment.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Introvert's Dilemma

People like putting other people in boxes. We all like our neat little labels and stereotypes because it makes it easier for us to categorize people. "Us" versus "them". "They" are always like "that". It gets frustrating. Particularly when you don't fall in to the stereotypes or you're struggling to break out of them.

Here's the truth of the matter: I'm an introvert. When I say this, people automatically assume certain things so I just want to put the record straight.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Body Image, a compilation

First things first, as this is a recurring topic, I've added a page to this blog that is dedicated solely to the "body image" issue. I am always thinking, writing, and talking about this. It dominates the blogs I read, the books I read, and even my Pinterest boards, so I developed the page to bring together a number of resources as well as posts I've written. You can find the page by going to the top of whatever page you're on (on my blog) and look for "Body Image" in the horizontal navigation.

Secondly, if you have any resources you think would be beneficial to add, let me know and I'll be happy to add them. As it is right now, they're generally steered toward body image issues faced by fat heterosexual women (as that's where I fall), but I'd love to see it be fleshed out (lol!) to include resources beneficial to all.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Well, today I got to spend some time with a pretty cool person. One of my younger sisters is working nearby this summer and so I made the trip to go out and see her since I didn't get to see her with the rest of the family.

Keith and I (oh yes, did I mention I names the new car 'Keith'? Another story for another time) set out on an adventure. We made it without any hiccups and got to spend a lovely half day with E. Between bookstores, knick knack shops and cute little cafes, we had a pretty great time. We even managed a walk in the rain.