Monday, June 17, 2013

Time Out!

I am convinced that sometimes I just need to take time for myself. Yes, I take vacations (well, once every few years). Yes, I don't work 24/7 (though sometimes it feels like it). And, yes, I do take time off now and then. But when was the last time that I took time off just to really relax, agenda- and worry-free? It has been too long.

This weekend I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. It was an honor to be asked and a pleasure to participate. The weekend was fantastic but I knew it would also be hectic. (Major kudos to my friend, S, who came as my +1, kept me laughing the whole weekend and even helped out with a smile!). Because of this I specifically planned to take Monday off and had to promise myself that I wouldn't turn it into an impromptu unofficial work day.

I almost succeeded. Except for an hour in the morning of sorting through work emails, I managed to have a great, relaxing day. Slept in, played with my new hula hoop (oh, did I mention I bought a hula hoop...? I'm still in shock), and treated myself to lunch. In the afternoon, I hung out with three of my favorite people and then went grocery shopping. I came home, managed to cook dinner and even watched The Godfather for the first time (how did I make it until now without seeing this?).

I know this day doesn't sound very exciting or particularly relaxing, but it really was the best. 

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