Friday, May 24, 2013

In Which I Finally Break Down and Go to a Doctor

In my last post I mentioned feeling exhausted, utterly wiped, after the event on Sunday. I remember coming home, shooting my boss an email to tell him that I likely wouldn't be in the office the next day and then essentially blacking out. Apparently, my last post was written on Monday. No real recollection of doing that. Monday and Tuesday are one big, feverish blur in my mind. I vaguely remember going to work on Tuesday and then leaving only a few hours later because I wasn't able to function.

After two and a half days of coughing, fever, headaches, body aches and sneezing, I finally realized that it wasn't just ordinary exhaustion or fatigue and I made a doctor's appointment for Wednesday. And it's a very good thing I did. Turns out, according to the doctor, that I likely had an upper respiratory infection leading up to event day and then the stress of the half marathon weakened my immune system and pushed me into full blown acute sinusitis. 

I got my antibiotics that same morning and attempted to go to work, but had to turn back before I even got there. I worked a partial day on Thursday, mostly just due to the fact that there was some urgent stuff I really had to do. Guys, that makes a total of four days I either called in sick or was out of the office (thank god for telework options!) --four days! I once went six years without ever using a sick day, so four in a row is completely mind-boggling to me. 

I am finally on the mend (my thanks go to amoxicillin, Gatorade, and tissues, all of which have been playing an important part in my survival). I am still pretty upset about missing so much work (and I feel like I will be sifting through the email backlog forever), but some good stuff did come from this bad event:

1) I am, finally, getting myself plugged back in to preventive care. This is mostly due to Cleveland Clinic. I went in for an appointment and the same day they had reviewed my medical history, brought my labs up to date and scheduled follow-up appointments. I don't like going to the doctor (for psychological and financial reasons), but I know the importance of preventive care, especially with chronic conditions, and I needed to get back on track.

2) I now have an excuse for my much worse than expected completion time for the half marathon. I know this sounds vain and lame, but it is right where my mind goes. When I registered, my estimated completion time was about 3:30:00 --and that was with a large cushion of time and only walking. My actual time? Approximately 4:17:00. Why the difference? Well, it was probably likely the URI and the 20 minute miles I was coughing my way through. Even though I was SO slow, I am still very glad I completed it though.

3) Last but not least, this whole ordeal has made me realize that I can do this again. Especially if I'm not sick next time, I can do this again and I can be better. I'm debating trying the Rock and Roll half Marathon in October, depending on training time I can carve out. And I'm seriously considering doing the Cleveland Half again next year. It can only get better from here, right?

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