Saturday, May 11, 2013


A week from this time tomorrow I will have completed my first half marathon (provided all goes well). I never thought I would even contemplate those words. I'm still kind of in shock that race day is so close. I can only imagine the hubbub (and anxiety) of the actual race day.

On Saturday, we are heading down to the race expo to pick up race bibs, timing chips, and check out the demos, products and seminars. It actually sounds like a pretty interesting time even if it does mean dealing with huge crowds. Saturday night is the Inspiration Dinner at the hotel. My friend, Heather, is going with me and I'm looking forward to going, relaxing and hearing about TNT's mission and the honorees that we're running for.

Sunday is going to be an early morning. We're supposed to be meeting up with our team at 5:30am at the hotel downtown. I'd been planning to take public transit so this means waking up even earlier to catch the 4:20am train. Anyway, so we're meeting at the hotel at 5:30am and heading to the stadium just a little bit later. Start of the marathon/half marathon is at 7am, but they start closing off the roads around 6am and most will remain closed for eight hours. I've estimated that unless, I keel over and die, I should be finished under three and a half hours. In all honesty though, I'm just looking to finish. 

Our last practice run was this morning. We met up at Starbucks on West 6th and did a short four mile loop. We went over two of the biggest, possible "obstacles" (I.e., big ass bridges) today and while it was not easy, it was good to try them out and "conquer" them ahead of time.

For right now, I'm just trying to keep calm and not get too worried about race day. 

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