Thursday, April 18, 2013

Favorite Places on the Web

So, I haven't had a lot of time to write this week between recuperating from what will henceforth be known as "The Great Wisdom Tooth Extraction of '13" and trying to catch up at work. But I did want to share with you all a few of my favorite blogs and websites. Some of them aren't very big, but they're all pretty cool.

According to Nat - This is written by a good friend of mine, Nat, and she has this way of writing that's open, honest and vulnerable. She covers everything from current events to TV and movies and personal life.

Panned Review - Another website written and managed by a friend of mine. This one has over 300 movie reviews and counting, all well-written and informative. One thing I really love about Panned Review is the tags by actor in the right-hand column that allow you to pull up all the reviews of movies that actor has been.

Smitten Kitchen - You knew I wouldn't be able to make it far down the list without mentioning a food blog, right? Smitten Kitchen is food porn, pure-and-simple. Well, food porn and some delicious recipes. Some of them are out of my league, but most I can attempt with a few adjustments.

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef - Yes, another food blog. The "Gluten-Free Girl" is Shauna and "the Chef" is her husband, Danny. The blog encompasses their daily life and food (though sometimes those two are synonymous in my opinion). Not only is Shauna a fantastic resource for those going (or who have gone) gluten-free, but she is a fantastic writer and the recipes are to die for. Admittedly, some of them are out of my league (both in skill and price range), but they are too good not to read.

Chris Brogan - Okay, so it's a "businessy" blog, but yes, I like to read Chris Brogan's site. Always full of good information and the design of the site is so wonderful (seriously, visually it's my ideal website), that it makes it a pleasure to read.

Kaiser Health News - Yes, it's dry as dust. Let's move on. If you're looking to get accurate, unbiased information on Healthcare Reform, Kaiser is where you want to go. Not only do they have a huge wealth of information, they also have the resources to interpret it down to laymen's speak. Which is especially useful if you don't want to go drudging through legislative mumbo-jumbo. They cover other topics, but as ACA is "kind of a big deal" right now, that's what they're focusing on for the majority.
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