Saturday, April 6, 2013

Best. Day. Ever.

Ahhhh!!!! Seriously the best day ever. I'm going to try I write more later but just wanted I post something before the fantastic day ended.

Today I got to visit NASA Glenn for a tour of their SLOPE facility, met a very cool friend for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, and then we went to see Jurassic Park -in 3D! So much fun. Jam-packed and busy, but in the best way! The few pictures I managed (remembered?) to take are below.

Also, reading a fantastic book right now called "Doomsday Book" by Connie Willis. It was indirectly recommended to me by John Green (of Vlogbrothers fame) and directly suggested to me by an employee at my favorite local bookstore, Loganberry Books (which in all honesty warrants a post all on its own). I'm about halfway through this 600+ page book and (so far) I can't recommend it enough!

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