Friday, November 30, 2012

Month of Thanks, Week Five Complete!

Thursday: Thankful for an awesome coworker. While in a long meeting on Thursday, I suddenly had what appeared to be an allergic reaction to nothing in particular. My head was spinning, my hearing was going in and out, I could feel my face and jaw swelling and I finally admitted that I needed to go to urgent care. By the time I actually got out of the meeting, the left side of my jaw had swollen so much that I couldn't open my mouth without the muscles seizing up and causing me considerable pain. A friend of mine in the same department promptly dropped everything and drove me to the closest urgent care. She waited with me the entire time and was just all around awesome. Despite the crappy circumstances, she really made my day.

Friday: Thankful that I'm getting better! I'm on the mend. The doctor wasn't really sure what it was, but they put me on some medication that has been helping and I've been icing like crazy. Granted, my head still aches and I am really wary of eating anything now, but I'm also very thankful that there's been an improvement.
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