Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Melange

So, not much happening today. Work is... work. Just on lunch and counting down until I'm out the door at 4:15pm!!

Got a lot of fun stuff going this week. Tomorrow, I'm going to happy hour and shopping with a few friends. Wednesday, we have a surprise lunch for our coworker who's moving to Puerto Rico (lucky duck!) and I'll be taking the same coworker out to lunch the next day. On Friday I have to be at a work event, plus another (!) happy hour wishing farewell to a coworker who got an awesome new job. And then on Saturday, there is the Zombie Walk (which I unfortunately probably will not be able to go to) and a birthday picnic for a very special little three-year-old. Add to that a 40 hour work week (including big looming deadlines) and a crapload of errands to run (oh and that apartment I need to clean) and it's going to be a busy week!

I'm still sticking with my small changes that I mentioned a couple posts back. Getting out every night to walk/jog and then trying to come back and eat a decent dinner is a little trying. Especially when cupcakes are cheaper and faster... Just sayin'.  But it's actually not a bad thing as I seem to have more energy. I'm not seeing the "less stressed" benefit that some people talk about, but maybe that'll come some time down the road. As it is, I'm telling myself that I have to commit to this until June 18th. That will be about 13 weeks from my start date and I'm hoping once I can look back that I'll see improvement.

Hope you all have a great week!
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