Sunday, December 25, 2011

I-I'll H-Have A Green Christmas!

We have... NO snow! Just a teeny bit excited about that. While as a kid I loved the idea of a White Christmas, I also didn't have to deal with shoveling snow, scraping cars, or the heating bill. Now I couldn't be happier when I can still see the green grass.

Had a wonderful Christmas Eve with my family. We all went over to my Aunt's for her annual Christmas Eve party (calamari and conchigliere with clams, alongside pierogis and stuffed cabbage are traditional). After the party, I accompanied my grandparents to midnight mass.

We slept in a little this morning and exchanged gifts this morning over a delicious breakfast casserole that Grandma and I put together yesterday afternoon. Now, we're enjoying a little bit of "Rick Steve's Italy" (one of my gifts to them) before we go to another Aunt's for Christmas dinner with the rest of the family.

Happy Holidays.

(By the way, the title was me mocking Elvis' "Blue Christmas")
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