Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Less is More


I've been getting everything around my apartment cleaned up so I can go out of town guilt-free and come back to little work. One thing that's struck me as I attempt to scrub down kitchens and bathrooms and reorganize closets is that having a lot of "stuff" really gets in the way. Why do I need eight sets of silverware if there's only me and I rarely have friends over? Why do I have a closet full of clothes I never wear?

My newest resolution is to just have less. I'm downsizing the silverware -having too much of it is just an excuse not to wash dishes (not having a dishwasher makes this even moreso). I'm nagging up my clothes for Goodwill. I am a five minute walk from a Goodwill and as I pretty much wear variations on the same thing every day, I don't need all this extra stuff.

The American culture is more and more looking for gratification through stuff, stuff, and more stuff. According to our advertising-centric culture, if we have no happiness, we should be able to go out and buy some. The new car, the new clothes, that "must-have" pair of shoes, it's all just a gimmick.
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