Sunday, October 9, 2011

Follow Up: Pruning the Facebook Weed

OK, I will admit that I might've made some mistakes. Or not so much mistakes as misjudgments.

I have been trying to make my Facebook less of an addiction ("How many friends/comments/likes can I get?") and more of a communication tool. Because of this, I went through and deleted about 100 of my Facebook friends. I based the deletions on a number of things. Mostly, the last time I had interactions with the person (whether it was me contacting them or vice versa, comments on posts, pictures, etc.) Basically, I tried to make a judgement on whether this person truly wanted to maintain contact or I was just another notch on their virtual bedpost.

Most people, I feel I made the right decision. Without a doubt. However, there are a few people that I ended up inadvertently offending.  I'm not sure whether to contact them directly or just leave it alone since I've already made the situation awkward.  So, I decided to write it all out here. I'm sorry if I offended. I really didn't mean anything by it.

Going forward, I'll try not to make the same mistakes again. Thanks for your time.
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