Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LUSH Products

I love LUSH. I really do and I know I've talked about this before. Really, though, they're fantastic. I ran out of shampoo recently. I use a combo of their solid and liquid shampoo and it's done wonders for my greasy hair. 

Granted, that being said, their stuff is a bit of a price jump when you're used to the main commercial brands.

If your concern is for lowering your environmental impact and getting away from all the harsh chemicals, LUSH is the way to go. I've used a number of their products, but here's what I got today.

"Up You Gets" - This emotibomb is fantastic! Emotibombs are aromatherapy for the shower.  "Up You Gets" is a full of citrusy goodness to wake up in the morning.

"Stepping Stone" - Great food product full of citrus, cocoa butter and pumice. I love the smell of this.

"Squeaky Green" - First time trying this shampoo bar. I've used Karma Komba and Seanik before, but this one is a newbie to me. It is made with rosemary, nettle and tea tree and it is supposed to do wonders for oily hair. Fingers crossed!

"Jungle" - I tend to avoid most conditioners because they leave my already greasy hair even worse. I do like "Veganese" which is one of their best sellers, but it's more on the expensive side. The shampoo bars usually last a bit longer and this one can even double as a shaving cream. It's full of the creaminess of avocados and bananas, coupled with passionfruit and kumquat.
Picture (clockwise from top): Jungle, Stepping Stone, Squeaky Green, Up You Gets

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