Sunday, July 24, 2011

Skating on Saturday

First time back on skates in about four months. I was forbidden to skate by my podiatrist because of a genetic foot problem. Well, she forbade me to skate until a) my foot healed, and b) I got new skates (she said that the reason my foot problems were aggravated was because my skates were too small).  I knew that my skates were small, but kept hoping that they would stretch out and fit like a glove. Well, more like they fit like a vice.

So, my new skates are on order... Yay! If all goes as planned and they fit well, I should be getting them this coming Thursday. See below for a picture of the awesomeness.

Yes, these babies are green. Lime green. But I am super excited to see them and give them a try.

Skated yesterday for the first time ever on concrete. A different experience, to be sure.  After skating on a rink for so long, the rough surface of the concrete felt like it was filing my teeth down. After a brief adjustment period, it seemed to get all right and I even managed to get up the courage to adventure outside of the 'safe zone' my mind had designated as the roundabout at the park.  Anyway, the skating on concrete is a step I've been needing to take for a while. Going to the rink four times a week was just too expensive. Paying the price of gas for four hour and a half round trips each week, plus at least $5 entrance to the rink every time was getting insane and my wallet was feeling the pressure.  So, finding a decent place to skate (for free!) is a welcome addition. 
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