Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lost: Human Connection

A few months ago, I made the leap and got a 'grown-up phone' with a data plan. It may have been the worst decision I have ever made. The reasons that follow are why I've become so convinced:

1) Bills -- It's ridiculously expensive. $79.99 a month for unlimited data, unlimited texting, and minimum minutes (450). Granted, I do get a 10% discount which helps a little, but really? $80??? Not counting fees and taxes?

2) Facebook -- As you may remember, I took a Facebook Fast a while back. This new phone and plan has completely negated and positive outcome of that effort. Yes, I realize that if I had a little more self-control this would not be an issue. However, a part of self control is knowing your limits. Apparently, my limit is a data plan. I have wasted so much time on Facebook and YouTube.

3) Losing the Human Connection? Heck, I've lost it. I find myself playing on the phone (Angry Birds, anyone?) instead of engaging with the people around me. After a long day at work, it is too easy to fall into the pattern of Facebook check, "wordswithfriends", Angry Birds, YouTube, and then to bed. At least with an unlimited texting plan I was forced to actually interact with people for entertainment.

4) Bills -- This really needs to be said again. $80/month? Pffft.

5) Is it really necessary? -- The only things this new phone and plan have done is make me poorer and more reliant on GPS.

So, after much ado, I think I am going to buy a refurbished non-smart phone and switch back to my old plan. It was half the price and half the trouble, too.  Maybe I'll actually be able to make it between paychecks after the switch.

What do you think? Is the data plan worth it for you? Do you find yourself wasting more time because of fingertip-access to Facebook, YouTube, etc?
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