Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Staycation Ever

Where did I go for my vacation? Nowhere. Money's tight, but a vacation was definitely needed, so I decided to take the ever-increasingly-popular 'staycation'.  I had my vacation time and I was going to have fun, damn it. And I did. It was a great relaxed and fun week, even if I don't have pictures from me being sunburned on some remote beach or lost in a foreign city.

Staycation started on Friday, May 27th, with Heather's arrival. I had an awesome weekend catching up with her. We talked, we visited museums, we stopped for lunch at Presti's in Little Italy, played video games, watched movies, and pretty much laughed the whole weekend. She headed out Sunday evening. Headed to a friend's family's barbecue on Sunday night, then spent the day with my family on Monday. Come Tuesday, I told my family I was working all week, told my coworkers I was headed out of the country and pretty much ignored the cell phone for the rest of the week.

Pictures and more anecdotes to come.
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