Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm lovin' it!

...and I don't mean McDonald's!

Things that made me smile today:
Grocery shopping, steamed salmon for dinner, and gingersnaps!

Should I be concerned that those are all food-related? Meh, oh well. Today was my day off but thanks to rising gas prices I tried to stay home and use my car as little as possible. Granted, I did still have to make a trip for grocery shopping but what can you do? I always intend to do something awesome with my day off and then I look up, realize that it's 9:30pm and the whole day has gone by without me doing anything even remotely exciting. Grocery shopping, as fun as it can be, does not count. Oh and my apartment is still a mess. Apparently, lack of exciting somethings to do does not translate into cleaning time.

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