Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, after not being able to fit my foot into half of my shoes thanks to it swelling up, I finally went to see a doctor last night.  And I'm feeling ridiculously poor after a) an urgent care visit, b) three x-rays, and c) an ace bandage that they're charging me God-only-knows how much for...

Turns out it is just a pretty bad sprain (and you needed three x-rays to figure this out?) and I've just been aggravating it more by not going easy on.  I've been told that I pretty much have horrible feet (high arches, plus they're too wide?) and that supposedly means that it just makes things worse when I hurt my foot, ankle, etc. Meh, who knows, I just want this to heal up so that I can get back on skates. As of right now, I am definitely off this week and most likely for the next two to three weeks. Talk about a bummer.
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