Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update Schmupdate

Nothing much going on. Trying to enjoy my day off, but it's winding to a close faster than I'd like.  

The foot's doing better. Have my (hopefully!) last follow-up appointment with the podiatrist tomorrow.  After a whole slew of x-rays (read: "x-rays-that-broke-and-are-still-breaking-the-bank) and three weeks of walking around like Quasimodo, it's finally feeling better. So last (again: hopefully!) x-rays done today to double-check that everything's OK and then I'm hoping to get the all-clear to get back on my skates.

Favorite new music: Pomplamoose. I don't know if I'm just the only one who hadn't found out about them until now. I was searching YouTube for a modern cover of "Mr. Sandman" by the Chordettes. I found it. It's beautiful. And it's a VideoSong. Click here to listen to and watch Pomplamoose's cover of "Mr. Sandman". But the beautiful thing is, it doesn't stop there. Pomplamoose isn't just another YouTube one-hit-wonder. They're actual musicians and are making some seriously awesome music. It is now securely in the "happy music" genre.  Go listen and enjoy. And support lovely indie music.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wide Open Spaces

There aren’t many days I miss the ‘country’. In fact, I’m pretty sure I can count those days from the past year and a half on two fingers. Usually, I love my tiny apartment (hole-in-the-wall that it is), my commute (15 minutes in rush hour? Yes, I say), and my proximity to all things “cultural”. I live in an area I love and I also love the fact that I have no yard work, no snow-shoveling and no minimum-30-minute drive to get to anywhere interesting.

But tonight? Tonight I want a wide open field. Or even a street with no street lamps and no traffic. I got out of work tonight as dusk was falling over the city. It seemed to put a cool hazy blue over everything. It was a beautiful night (it still is). On my way home, I rolled down the windows of my car, opened the sunroof and basked in the breeze, the smell of almost-spring.

And now, too quickly, the drive home is over and here I sit in my tiny apartment, wishing for the wing, listening to the trains rattle by my building. I’m wishing I could see stars, but the street lamps are smothering them and I’m just too far down the building totem pole to see much of anything.

So, I’m sitting here, computer on my lap, sitting on my bed, smelling patchouli incense burning on my book shelf. It’s a great life, but every once in a blue moon, I wish I didn’t feel so boxed in.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yes, it's that time of year again! The Old School Sinema Charity Zombie Walk  has come and gone. Every six months Old School Sinema (local film company specializing in "horror films, B-movies, cult cinema and exploitation flicks"), puts on a zombie walk in lovely Lakewood, Ohio to benefit the Cleveland Food Bank's Harvest for Hunger Campaign.

I wrote about my first Zombie Walk experience here.

It's great fun with blood, brains, and plenty of cheap alcohol --and you're doing it for a good cause. What could be better?

Happy Stalking. :)


Part of the donation from the food drive I put together

Moi - zombified. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So, after not being able to fit my foot into half of my shoes thanks to it swelling up, I finally went to see a doctor last night.  And I'm feeling ridiculously poor after a) an urgent care visit, b) three x-rays, and c) an ace bandage that they're charging me God-only-knows how much for...

Turns out it is just a pretty bad sprain (and you needed three x-rays to figure this out?) and I've just been aggravating it more by not going easy on.  I've been told that I pretty much have horrible feet (high arches, plus they're too wide?) and that supposedly means that it just makes things worse when I hurt my foot, ankle, etc. Meh, who knows, I just want this to heal up so that I can get back on skates. As of right now, I am definitely off this week and most likely for the next two to three weeks. Talk about a bummer.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, why am I awake at 3:30am? Because I screwed up my foot, but apparently didn't realize it until 3:30am when I awoke to a throbbing, stabbing pain that has decided I only need three hours of sleep. Started off with Unker's (icy/hot equivalent), thinking that maybe it was just a pulled muscle or some stiffness from skating last night. Yeah, not so much. Currently have an ice pack and am hoping that that will lower the pain level enough that I can either a) go back to sleep (please!), or b) wait until a little later this morning to go to an urgent care and have it looked at. Hey, I'd finally get to use my health insurance for the first time in a year!

Hoping it will be okay. I've got too busy of a Saturday planned to have to deal with this.