Sunday, March 6, 2011

Money Money Money

So, I finally got my budget written up. It took me four hours, but I think it's done. I figured in everything I could think of, including figuring out a spending cap for myself so that I would be reminded to put away some each month.

Now, I've decided this: Debit Cards are of the Devil. OK, maybe not of the Devil, but they're entirely too easy to use and not think about what you're spending. It's like, "Oh, here, take this little shiny piece of plastic" but you never think about the money being deducted from your account. So, one of the first moves in my new budget is to cut down on the debit card. It's gotta go. I've also got a plan in place to maximize the payments on my loans so that they can be taken out ASAP.

I am so sick of being in debt. While I wouldn't give up my degree for anything, I wonder why people shell out so much for pieces of paper --at least my degree is from a reputable, accredited institution. I cannot imagine spending that much on a degree that will do you little to no good in the real world. Next thing on the list is to continue with 401k contributions and also add a little to the IRA.

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