Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Purge: Day Four

Day Four of the Facebook Status Purge is going well.

While I still get the phantom “need-to-status” pains, they’re lessening. Instead of it being every five minutes (you know how when you decide you won’t do something and then you end up having twice the amount of normal compulsions?), I’m now down to every five minutes, but only when I’m really bored. It’s actually surprisingly refreshing to keep every random, stupid, inane, cheesy thought I’ve ever had to myself instead of sharing it with all and sundry (and their friends).

So, trying new recipes again and (again) I’m working out of Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”. I decided to branch out today and tried something new: curry. Now, as I understand it, curries in the UK are kind of like our “Chinese” food here. That is very common, well-loved, but usually not as traditionally Indian (or Chinese) as we’d like to think. For example, Chicken Tikka Masala (a.k.a. Butter Chicken) was apparently first made in the UK. So, back to my culinary adventures. I made my first ever curry today. I will be the first to admit that everything was not from scratch. I used a curry paste (I couldn’t find Patak’s which was the brand suggested by Oliver, so I stuck with Sukhi’s). Really. And it’s yummy. Delicious. There’s this fantastic warm spiciness. And the beauty of it: it tastes like something you’d get in a restaurant (and, hmmm, I’d pay probably at least $12 for a serving?), but at a fraction of the cost. The largest expense was the curry paste (not exactly common in my area), but after it was all done it came down to 5 servings for under $7.00. Can you tell I’m kind of in shock? Anyway, it’s good. Give it a try.

Next on the list: dressed asparagus. I am a recent convert to asparagus, mostly because in the past what I remember of asparagus is greasy, rubbery overcooked green stalks. And then, I tried it on my own and --lo and behold!-- I actually like asparagus when it is cooked correctly. It’s amazing how we think we do or don’t like something based on a few bad experiences.

Also next on the list: scones. I currently have a bowl of raisins soaking in orange juice on my kitchen counter waiting to become the stars of homemade scones. I’m not a fantastic baker, so this is a leap of faith. I like cooking, it’s artistic, it’s flexible. Baking can be so rigid in timing, measurements and goodness knows what else that it is often too daunting. And yet, here I am to try it all over again. Wish me luck!
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