Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bada bum bum bum

...another one bites the dust!

So Car #2 has decided to call it quits.  Well, it hasn't so much called it quits as I've said enough is enough. For a car that's only worth $500, it's really not worth it to continue putting in $300 every few months. So, if you know anyone who wants to buy an old, used car for $500 or so?  Now I'm looking forward to owning a car that doesn't break down every three weeks. :)

In honor of this momentous (horrendous) occasion, please enjoy the music.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Food Poisoning

Oh gosh. It was horrendous. I am still wary about eating. I spent my entire weekend prostrate before the porcelain goddess and I am wiser and humbler because of it.  I am just now starting to feel kind of back to normal. Granted, my head still aches and my ribs still feel like someone sat on (and broke) them.  I am currently eating my first 'real' (if soup out of a can can be called 'real'?) meal in about four days.

In other news, attempting to make it through Monday, i.e., attempting to get as much done as possible without a) working over lunch (so far so good as I'm blogging instead!), b) working off the clock and staying late, or c) going home a nervous wreck. We'll see what happens. It's not that work is bad (quite the contrary), but it's just busy. Busy, busy, B-U-S-Y! And really, I just thank my lucky stars that I have a job in this economy. A good job with benefits, what a rarity!

I am hoping to finally get to go back to derby this week. I've either been busy or sick the past (how many??) few weeks. It's really been a doozy of a few months and I need to get back to the stress relief, exercise and camaraderie derby gives me.

Happy Monday! Stay happy and free of nasty food!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Selling My Soul the large blue box full of cheap useless crap (a.k.a. Walmart)

OK, I know why people go to Walmart... It's cheap. Super cheap. The price difference alone is enough to keep those on a tight budget coming back, but really? What is it worth? Every time I walk in there, I feel like a bit of my soul dies.

In other news, I haven't updated my Facebook status since January 30th. I'm just a little bit proud of myself for that. And it's just a little bit sad.  Such an odd, twisted dependency, but really, Facebook has taken over our lives and reduced us to zeros and ones.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hanging In There

Ugh, talk about kicking you when you're down. I hate being sick. This is the first time in about 48 hours I've been up, conscious, and semi-presentable. This weekend and the past two days have been a doozy, but I think I'm on the road to recovery. My nose is red, and my head is still pounding, but believe me that is an improvement.

Hoping for the rest of the week to go pretty smoothly. Because of being sick I'll be working as much as possible the next three days and also might have to be an airport taxi on Friday, so that may cut in on the work week as well. :(

Have a good week. I'm out to find some dinner and some rest!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Sitting here watching the Superbowl. We're all sick with some form of cold, so it's kind of dialed down.  Not complaining though.  Go Packers!

Got to hang out with E today. We played some Wii (she beat me), messed around with the computer, cooked lunch and even watched a little Charlie and Lola. Lunch, I have to say, was awesome. We made pasta and some baked carrots and then finished it off with bananas for dessert.

So, in other news, I made it a whole week without updating my Facebook status. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like a lot, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I'm going to try to keep at it. It's actually brought about some positive changes. Instead of updating my status every hour or so, I've started writing out my thoughts (the blog is back, for one) and actually thinking things through, I've made conscious decisions to improve my quality of life.  It really is refreshing.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook Purge: Day Four

Day Four of the Facebook Status Purge is going well.

While I still get the phantom “need-to-status” pains, they’re lessening. Instead of it being every five minutes (you know how when you decide you won’t do something and then you end up having twice the amount of normal compulsions?), I’m now down to every five minutes, but only when I’m really bored. It’s actually surprisingly refreshing to keep every random, stupid, inane, cheesy thought I’ve ever had to myself instead of sharing it with all and sundry (and their friends).

So, trying new recipes again and (again) I’m working out of Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution”. I decided to branch out today and tried something new: curry. Now, as I understand it, curries in the UK are kind of like our “Chinese” food here. That is very common, well-loved, but usually not as traditionally Indian (or Chinese) as we’d like to think. For example, Chicken Tikka Masala (a.k.a. Butter Chicken) was apparently first made in the UK. So, back to my culinary adventures. I made my first ever curry today. I will be the first to admit that everything was not from scratch. I used a curry paste (I couldn’t find Patak’s which was the brand suggested by Oliver, so I stuck with Sukhi’s). Really. And it’s yummy. Delicious. There’s this fantastic warm spiciness. And the beauty of it: it tastes like something you’d get in a restaurant (and, hmmm, I’d pay probably at least $12 for a serving?), but at a fraction of the cost. The largest expense was the curry paste (not exactly common in my area), but after it was all done it came down to 5 servings for under $7.00. Can you tell I’m kind of in shock? Anyway, it’s good. Give it a try.

Next on the list: dressed asparagus. I am a recent convert to asparagus, mostly because in the past what I remember of asparagus is greasy, rubbery overcooked green stalks. And then, I tried it on my own and --lo and behold!-- I actually like asparagus when it is cooked correctly. It’s amazing how we think we do or don’t like something based on a few bad experiences.

Also next on the list: scones. I currently have a bowl of raisins soaking in orange juice on my kitchen counter waiting to become the stars of homemade scones. I’m not a fantastic baker, so this is a leap of faith. I like cooking, it’s artistic, it’s flexible. Baking can be so rigid in timing, measurements and goodness knows what else that it is often too daunting. And yet, here I am to try it all over again. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Facebook: Losing the Human Connection

On Sunday, after spending over an hour weeding through and cleaning up my Facebook posts, I decided to try something novel. I decided to not update my status for a week. Nothing radical, no “I’m-deleting-my-Facebook-and-I’m-not-coming-back”, but simply leaving my status blank for a week. It couldn’t be that hard, right? Wrong. It’s been only two days and probably at least ten times a day I pick up my phone with the thought to update my status with my latest witticism or griping. It’s like Facebook withdrawal. I crave the outlet that Facebook offers me to portray and display myself and get feedback from those in my networks.

"...thinks that the hardest part of the commute this morning was getting out of the driveway."

"...hunkering down with tea and a movie to brave out the winter cold."

"...survived Tuesday -on to the rest of the week!"

"...would like to send a shout out to all my derby girls!"

"...has been sufficiently creeped out. Creepy old man, thank you, for ruining my day."

" tired of all the drama. Drama, drama, drama!"

When did we come so enamored with ourselves? The more I look at Facebook, the more I realize that it’s not about connecting, it’s about projecting. It’s an opportunity for us to put ourselves out there without taking any real risks and without encountering the real world. Every day we inform people of what’s going on in our lives, what we ‘Like’, what drives us nut, and how many virtual bushels we harvested from a digital farm yesterday. What is the purpose? Why am I more drawn to a virtual network than I am to everyday conversation?

In my experience, Facebook takes us and boils us down to our statuses, our comments, our pictures, which, while we see them as reflecting ourselves present only a two-dimensional picture of ourselves and the people we claim as 'Friends'. It is entirely too easy to take things out of context in a virtual world where verbal diarrhea is the norm.

I issue a challenge to you: Try a Facebook diet. Again, it doesn't have to be one where you delete your account and renounce the world, but maybe don't update your status for a week (or a month? I wasn't sure my willpower was great enough to last a month). Give it a try as an exercise out of curiosity and you may be interested by what you find out about yourself and your Facebook habit.

How's the Facebook Fast going? Check here for an update five months later.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White Stuff

There is so much snow outside that when I opened my car door it would not close again because the jamb had filled with snow. Nice. So, I dug my car out by hand this morning, running late, and marveling on how the City of Cleveland can have a foot of snow on the ground after plenty of advance notice and still not have the streets plowed for rush hour in the morning.

Surviving Tuesday and then getting home to sleep is priority. Hope all you out there reading this (is there anyone?) are toasty warm.