Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Child

"Things look mighty black for Thursday's child
Trouble docks the track of Thursday's child
This world could be a wonderful place
But not when you wear Thursday's face"

-Eartha Kitt

Thursday... I wouldn't call it "mighty black", but perhaps "mighty shitty". A combination of running late, paying car bills (my wallet is still smarting), getting to the shop and the car won't even turn on, walking around in the cold, trying to find a place to kill some time... Well, Thursday's not off to a good start, but I'm hoping it will improve. (Lately I've turned into a terminal optimist and it's kind of scary). 

Getting geared up for my Friday. I've got a meeting at work that I'm looking forward, and also, well, I mean it is Friday. Not sure what's going to happen this weekend. The grandparents are in Florida, so that means no family dinner on Sunday. I could clean the apartment. I actually kind of got started on it, but I am avoiding the kitchen. I hate cleaning the kitchen. I scrub everything down and within 12 hours it needs to be scrubbed down again. I would also like a dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is tedious and I also get the feeling that I could wash them three times and they'd never be as clean as I want.  

Right now what I'd really like is a bowl of this soup, a nice warm blanket, and a good book or movie. As it is, I'm getting ready to walk back out into the cold to brave the elements, hoping that my car is done. 
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