Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

So far, Sunday has been good. Slept in. Did some reading. Cleaned the kitchen (I hate cleaning the kitchen, which should make Sunday an epic fail except for the fact that I can now walk into my apartment without feeling like I should go clean the kitchen! --for at least a day).  Now at Panera, drinking crappy tea (I mean, really, why is it that a cup of tea is so hard?) and enjoying the free wifi.

There is someone sitting across the room from me who reminds me of one of the banes of my existence and I'm having a really hard time not laughing out loud or asking her if she's related. That would probably a perfectly nice person who just (unfortunately) coincidentally looks like someone who drives me nuts.

Lately, I've been trying to cook more. Living alone, I have fallen into the trap of takeout or instant foods. It's not that I want to eat unhealthy foods (or that I want to spend that much money on lackluster crap), but sometimes when I come home after being at work for 12 hours, I want nothing more to do than to just eat and go to bed. But... I am trying to change my ways. As I actually like to grocery shop, it's not that hard and is more a matter of learning where to shop and what to buy. For instance, Target does not count as a grocery store.

One thing that has helped me in this is Jamie Oliver's cookbook "Food Revolution" (also called "Jamie's Ministry of Food"). It's part of a campaign that Oliver started, first in the UK and now in the US to get people cooking again. It's not even diet food. I mean, it's healthy, but it's good, wholesome food. It's all about getting away from the processed and the partially hydrogenated and getting back to the whole, organic stuff. The beauty of the cookbook is that -where many of his cookbooks in the past have been difficult thanks to pricing of the ingredients or availability- the recipes are comprised of affordable things, usually easy to find, and if not they're easy to substitute.  So far, I've made shrimp and corn chowder, crunchy garlic chicken, and cheesy cauliflower soup. All pretty easy, and they don't taste bad either.

Anyway, that's my Sunday thus far. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend and ready to get back to work tomorrow! I know I am.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Child

"Things look mighty black for Thursday's child
Trouble docks the track of Thursday's child
This world could be a wonderful place
But not when you wear Thursday's face"

-Eartha Kitt

Thursday... I wouldn't call it "mighty black", but perhaps "mighty shitty". A combination of running late, paying car bills (my wallet is still smarting), getting to the shop and the car won't even turn on, walking around in the cold, trying to find a place to kill some time... Well, Thursday's not off to a good start, but I'm hoping it will improve. (Lately I've turned into a terminal optimist and it's kind of scary). 

Getting geared up for my Friday. I've got a meeting at work that I'm looking forward, and also, well, I mean it is Friday. Not sure what's going to happen this weekend. The grandparents are in Florida, so that means no family dinner on Sunday. I could clean the apartment. I actually kind of got started on it, but I am avoiding the kitchen. I hate cleaning the kitchen. I scrub everything down and within 12 hours it needs to be scrubbed down again. I would also like a dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is tedious and I also get the feeling that I could wash them three times and they'd never be as clean as I want.  

Right now what I'd really like is a bowl of this soup, a nice warm blanket, and a good book or movie. As it is, I'm getting ready to walk back out into the cold to brave the elements, hoping that my car is done. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

So, last night was awesome. I'm just wishing I'd had a camera to record all of the goodness. First, we got together at Bier Markt, had some appetizers and some drinks. I was really surprised at how many people showed up. I really have to say thank you to everyone, they made it a birthday worth celebrating!  After that, we headed over to The Garage Bar for some warmth by the outdoor firepit (much more fun when you have a June birthday) and some skeeball.  Ended the night at Great Lakes Brewing Company, with some food and coffee.

It was really a great night full of friends, laughter, and contagious smiles. It was by far the best birthday I have ever had and I've never felt so loved. The night started out with a large group of us, and by the end we were just four sitting around a table, enjoying some good food and conversation.

If you're reading this, thank you so much for coming out and making the night so special. It was fantastic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello, Goodbye

Hello 2011 and good luck! 2010 was awesome so you've got a lot to live up to!

So, 2010 in recap.

A year of firsts: first apartment, first year out of school, first experiences galore.

Wow, that was short... Maybe I should elaborate.

First apartment: I moved in the end of April and I'm here still. Its tiny (read as "cozy"), usually messy (lack of proper storage/furniture will do that to you), but it's mine all mine.

First year out of school: Bleh. Half the time I'd really rather be back at school.

First year at a new job: Yep, as of the end of February, I'll have been in my job one year. Kinda crazy how the time flies.

Roller derby: (Did you guys think I would actually write a post and not mention this???) Roller derby changed my life. It provided me with friends, fun, an outlet for just about every stress imaginable.

Learning: 2010 started off as the shittiest year imaginable and thanks to some awesome friends and family supporting me when I needed it most, it turned into the best year I've ever had.

Resolutions: I don't really believe in the idea of New Year's resolutions as people usually make unrealistic goals that they drop a few weeks in.

Well, peace out and Happy New Year!