Monday, November 15, 2010

This Week

Black and Blue is this Saturday! So excited! Can't wait to go. :)

As for the rest of life... I would really like it if I could just fast forward until New Year's Eve. Holidays are just such a pain and I really don't like the profusion of Christmas music. I know people like holidays, but please, please, please at least wait until Thanksgiving.  They've already started decorating the square. I understand the reasoning that there's so much to put up that they need to get a head start... but really. (And don't get me started on the profusion of "let's just sit and brag about how great we think our life is" Christmas letters. I'd like to see a Christmas letter where someone just comes out and says "I fucked up, my year was a wreck". That would make me smile.)

Other than that, not much happening. Work is good, always busy, always changing. The apartment is still standing (and I cleaned the kitchen, so it is even better). Still skating like crazy (at least twice if not three or four times a week). It's a fantastic way to relieve stress. Whenever I start to get anxious (because goodness knows life, and especially holiday-time life will do that to you), I just lace up my skates and go knock some people over. :)

Also, can I just say that while I understand how uneducated and narrow-minded people can discount a subculture, I do not see how seemingly educated and open-minded people can judge someone by their appearance. Why is it okay to judge someone? I don't hold out much hope for it arriving anytime soon, but I'm looking forward to the day when people are judged by their performance and their attitude --not the color of the skin, the color of their hair, or the type of clothes they wear.
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