Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I feel like I've said this a million times. I thought at this stage in my life I was supposed to be past the point of stuck in an undefinable liminal state. Ok, maybe not undefinable. I just feel lately like I'm stuck. I do "grown-up" things, but still feel like a kid playing dress-up half the time. I thought life ended at 21, so surely I'm supposed to have it figured out at 25, right?

Not so. Apparently.

Maybe that's the whole point. Maybe I'm never supposed to figure it out. Maybe life's just a journey and it's not about where you end up or your ultimate decisions, but what you do with the time given you. Maybe I just need to stop worrying that I'm stuck and just go out and find ways to enjoy life.  Maybe I need to stop stressing about where I'm supposed to be and just enjoy where I am right now. Maybe life is just a whole slew of maybes and there's no getting beyond that.

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