Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I think I just went kinda crazy on NoiseTrade... but really! It's so fantastic. All the free music I want (legally!) and it only takes a tweet and download time (by the way, apologies to those on Twitter as I have just clogged up the feed with... quite a number of NoiseTrade ads).

Favorite right now: The Vespers (quartet from Nashville). Really like their sound even if it is a bit more light than I usually like. I'm still trying to figure out if the accent on "Not So Nice" is affected or genuine.

Anyway, I just wanted to spread the NoiseTrade love (without giving you overflowing inboxes). It really is awesome. And now that I've downloaded over 2 GB of new music... I think I'll be set for awhile. Then again, who knows. When awesome music is free, there really is no telling.

Enjoying my day off. Chilling in Borders and just taking a moment to slow down and just enjoy 'being'. I feel like lately I've built up a lot of stress and have been carrying it around everywhere I go. So this is me attempting to move past that and enjoy life. Well, if not enjoy at least not being tempted to jump out a window any time soon. (Granted, seeing as I'm garden-level jumping out of the window wouldn't actually do anything. I'd just land face first in a mulched flowerbed).

Getting ready for Derby tonight. Been feeling under the weather lately, so we'll see if I make it all night. I figure I have to at least attempt it otherwise I'll end up hating myself in the morning.

OH! Newsflash: The car is out of the shop and I was not charged at all! This is the first and only time I've probably ever debated giving a mechanic anything (well, anything that wasn't his due, like the whopping repair bills to which I'm accustomed...) Cookies may be in order.
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