Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking Forward

To a three day weekend!!!!

Seriously, I am so ready. Plans for the weekend include:

1) Farmers' Market

2) Finding a wi-fi signal so I can watch Argentina-Germany on Saturday

3) Cleaning the apartment (I say this every weekend and somehow it either gets cleaned and then is messy again by Tuesday, or I just continue to live in clutter in favor of sleep)

4) Furniture shopping - I still need a few bits and it would be nice to finally put everything together

5) Busting the not-very-nice people who keep parking in my spot - I've got an incredibly sticky sticker coming your way courtesy of my landlord and a very angry voicemail I left them last night (In my defense, it has taken three months for me to get that worked up...)

6) Parades - parades anyone?

7) And to go with the parade... I am thinking of getting a new camera. Still doing research, but I think it might happen this week. My other is five years old and it's been good while it's lasted, but I think it's time to move on. (Anyone have any suggestions? Looking for something moderately priced max $200 and maybe a step-up from a point-and-shoot).

8) Sleep. Yes, sleep.

9) Visiting new exhibits open at the art museum. I love free museums and it drives me nuts when museums are over-priced (or even priced at all). Art, culture, and history should be accessible to all.

10) Reading and watching - got some books and some movies out of the library and am hoping to be able to get through some of them this weekend.

What are you guys doing for your holiday weekend?
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