Friday, July 23, 2010


Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday!

Just a little bit excited about it being Friday. Could you tell? I don't even have anything terribly exciting planned, but still... Friday should always provoke joy. :)

On the schedule this weekend: cleaning, Little Italy, a walk in the park, getting my bike, and (if I can finagle it...) farmers' market. Now I just need to figure out a) where you get a bike registered around her, and b) how to add 48 more hours to the weekend.

Next order of business: the census. Ok, Mr. Census Taker, I have a problem with you. First, you do not send me the census form, then you leave notes on my door asking me to call you. Then when I return your call you say that now is not a good time and to give you a call back. I call back four more times and never get an answer or an answering machine. I then try to access the Census form by going online - oh wait! I can no longer request it online. Of course not! I try calling you at your lovely 800 number to still no avail. I give up, Census People. I have tried. I truly have. If you want my info, send me the damn form, let me return it and then leave me alone.
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