Friday, July 23, 2010


Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday!

Just a little bit excited about it being Friday. Could you tell? I don't even have anything terribly exciting planned, but still... Friday should always provoke joy. :)

On the schedule this weekend: cleaning, Little Italy, a walk in the park, getting my bike, and (if I can finagle it...) farmers' market. Now I just need to figure out a) where you get a bike registered around her, and b) how to add 48 more hours to the weekend.

Next order of business: the census. Ok, Mr. Census Taker, I have a problem with you. First, you do not send me the census form, then you leave notes on my door asking me to call you. Then when I return your call you say that now is not a good time and to give you a call back. I call back four more times and never get an answer or an answering machine. I then try to access the Census form by going online - oh wait! I can no longer request it online. Of course not! I try calling you at your lovely 800 number to still no avail. I give up, Census People. I have tried. I truly have. If you want my info, send me the damn form, let me return it and then leave me alone.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

::Rapid Flailing of Arms::

I don't think I've been on honest-to-goodness skates since I was in single-digits. And even then, I'm pretty sure they were made by Little Tikes. So what do I try to do? Join a rec roller derby league? Um, yes. So, never having been on skates before, I considered it a perfectly logical decision to go out and skate on one of the toughest sports I've ever seen - football's got nothing, you get a lot more padding and a nice soft field to land on. (Though, Rugby might take the cake).

I left work at about 7:00pm and made my way down to the skate rink where 'practice' is and managed to rent some skates and borrow some gear (I'm just proud of myself for remembering my own mouth-guard) and even managed to stay upright 50% of the time... Thank God for elbow pads, and knee pads, and wrist-guards and a mouth-guard and a helmet. Only minimal bruising out of last night, which is good.

Two things I liked immediately about this: 1) anyone can join, and they do mean anyone. Even out-of-shape, klutzes who've never skated before are welcome, and 2) all shapes and sizes in roller derby. I don't think there's really any other sport for women that engages both of those principles and it was encouraged to see women accepted as they are.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting this off my chest....

Cleveland... get over LeBron James. Really. I know you're heart-broken, I know you invested time and money into this kid since he was 18 years old. I know you basically revamped your franchise around this basketball 'king'. But really... All of this tragedy over a basketball player moving to Miami? Who gives a flying fig?  If he's gonna pull 'diva', we don't want him on the team anyway. It's about being a team and this is something LeBron apparently hasn't been able to handle. Give him a good send-off to Miami - maybe they can teach him how to work with others.

And Cavalier 'fans': If you are no longer a fan because LeBron has left or you are buying Miami Heat tickets, you were never a true Cavs fan in the first place. You're a LeBron fan, so stop boohooing over your brand-spankin' new Miami jersey.

Ok. I think I'm done. I'm so sick and tired of LeBron talk (and I realize I'm only adding to this). Even NPR is going on and on. This is a 25-year-old basketball player with entirely too much hot air. If only there was this kind of a ruckus when artists, writers, and scientists left their hometowns to take better paying gigs...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Looking Forward

To a three day weekend!!!!

Seriously, I am so ready. Plans for the weekend include:

1) Farmers' Market

2) Finding a wi-fi signal so I can watch Argentina-Germany on Saturday

3) Cleaning the apartment (I say this every weekend and somehow it either gets cleaned and then is messy again by Tuesday, or I just continue to live in clutter in favor of sleep)

4) Furniture shopping - I still need a few bits and it would be nice to finally put everything together

5) Busting the not-very-nice people who keep parking in my spot - I've got an incredibly sticky sticker coming your way courtesy of my landlord and a very angry voicemail I left them last night (In my defense, it has taken three months for me to get that worked up...)

6) Parades - parades anyone?

7) And to go with the parade... I am thinking of getting a new camera. Still doing research, but I think it might happen this week. My other is five years old and it's been good while it's lasted, but I think it's time to move on. (Anyone have any suggestions? Looking for something moderately priced max $200 and maybe a step-up from a point-and-shoot).

8) Sleep. Yes, sleep.

9) Visiting new exhibits open at the art museum. I love free museums and it drives me nuts when museums are over-priced (or even priced at all). Art, culture, and history should be accessible to all.

10) Reading and watching - got some books and some movies out of the library and am hoping to be able to get through some of them this weekend.

What are you guys doing for your holiday weekend?