Monday, June 21, 2010


I have a question. And really, I'm kinda confused on this point. What is it with giving? Giving advice, recommendations, presents... I had always assumed you give someone something because you think they'll like it or it will help them (granted, the giving of advice is rarely accepted as a good thing....). Why do you give someone a gift that you think is 'good' for them? For example, that book about the inspiring life story of the politician, actor, etc. that they hate. Or why, when people ask you for recommendations on movies or books that you like, why do they get upset when you name ones that you like (just as they'd asked)?

I guess I just must be missing something because I don't see the logic in a) lying to people about what you like or b) giving something to someone that they would hate (if you meant well or not). I don't care how "well-intentioned" that self-help diet book was -that one is not getting a thank-you note.

Then again, I suppose I am kind of talking two sides of the same coin. On one hand, I can understand that I would never want to give something to someone that they would despise (though I'm sure I've probably done it unintentionally), but I try not to cater to people if they honestly ask my opinion  (though I do tend to tone it down if it's necessary - I'm not going to recommend Michael Moore to someone who can't take it with a bit of humor). Argh. Anyway. I'm frustrated. Can you tell? This irks me to no end. (Oh, and by the way, elderly relatives are exempt from the gift-giving rules because I kind of feel like they have senility as an excuse most of the time...).
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