Monday, June 21, 2010


I have a question. And really, I'm kinda confused on this point. What is it with giving? Giving advice, recommendations, presents... I had always assumed you give someone something because you think they'll like it or it will help them (granted, the giving of advice is rarely accepted as a good thing....). Why do you give someone a gift that you think is 'good' for them? For example, that book about the inspiring life story of the politician, actor, etc. that they hate. Or why, when people ask you for recommendations on movies or books that you like, why do they get upset when you name ones that you like (just as they'd asked)?

I guess I just must be missing something because I don't see the logic in a) lying to people about what you like or b) giving something to someone that they would hate (if you meant well or not). I don't care how "well-intentioned" that self-help diet book was -that one is not getting a thank-you note.

Then again, I suppose I am kind of talking two sides of the same coin. On one hand, I can understand that I would never want to give something to someone that they would despise (though I'm sure I've probably done it unintentionally), but I try not to cater to people if they honestly ask my opinion  (though I do tend to tone it down if it's necessary - I'm not going to recommend Michael Moore to someone who can't take it with a bit of humor). Argh. Anyway. I'm frustrated. Can you tell? This irks me to no end. (Oh, and by the way, elderly relatives are exempt from the gift-giving rules because I kind of feel like they have senility as an excuse most of the time...).

Friday, June 18, 2010


Can I just that I love Fridays? Particularly when they are not followed by a working Saturday? I'm looking forward to having some time tomorrow to just relax, get stuff done, etc. Need to replenish the veggies (Farmers' Market, here I come!), clean the apartment (which hasn't really happened for a few weeks because I've been so busy), hang the last few pictures.

Oh! pictures! And by 'pictures', I actually mean 'records'. My local goodwill (not much more than a hop, skip and a jump from my front door) has proven to be a treasure trove for old records. So far I've picked up some Chicago, Eagles, Kiss Me Kate, Elton John, Carly Simon and (the one I'm most excited about) Carole King. I'm working on getting frames for all of them and hoping to have them all hung up by the end of the month. Gina helped me with the first few so I've got a good start.

Nothing really special for the weekend -just hopefully regaining some sanity and preparing for the week to come.

Reading some good books now. I'm loving my local library (even if they are a bit slow to put things on the hold shelf) and they appear to have a pretty wide variety.  Right now reading "Speaking of Empire and Resistance" by Tariq Ali. Pretty interesting stuff. I'm hoping one of these days I will find a modern novel I actually want to read. Most of the stuff I see these days (and it really isn't supposed to be an offense to the authors) just does not interest me as much as non-fiction or old fiction does. I would rather settle in with a Bronte or an expose than read "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest". Granted, I don't really know anything about TGWKtHN, but the name doesn't really strike my fancy... and in the spirit of history, I am judging this book by it's cover.

Well, lunch is almost over, so I'm off to finish the last half of my day and greet my weekend - with arms wide open, running in slow motion to a sappy 80s ballad.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Sunday

Whew. I am glad yesterday is o-v-e-r. Party was a bit of a bust... It was great to see the few people that came, but it was a bit of a let-down. I also have a ton of food left. May take it into work if I can carry it all. Or it may just sit in my fridge for the next three weeks.  Anyway, I'm glad it's over. A bunch of stress for something that was definitely not stress-worthy. :)

On to better things now: looking forward to Heather coming to visit this week. We're going to see She & Him and then going to explore the city. Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is on the list of things we may see. I've never actually been there and have always wanted to go.

Saw my first rugby match on the television yesterday. Have to say that it makes so much more sense than football. Granted, they were dumbing it down for the American audience, but it was just a lot more... well, let's just say that American Football has a lot of arbitrary rules that I don't get, will never get, and never really even want to get. Rugby seems more straightforward and more fun to watch.

Just found out that we have Roller Derby here. I really want to go to a bout and may try to go this Saturday... I will say quite honestly that I didn't really know what Roller Derby was until I watched "Whip It", but after I saw it I started reading up and am really curious to go to an actual bout.