Saturday, May 15, 2010


Whew... Saturday is almost done and am I whooped. On Grandma duty today, so that's always an adventure. After much debate, we decided that we would try to get Grandma out into the light of day for the first time (other than doctors' appointments) in six weeks... Adventure is putting it lightly. I have a new appreciation for people with disabilities. Or for anyone who has to use a wheelchair. Ever. You don't think about how inaccessible places are -even those that are supposedly up to ADA compliant. Even traveling in the car was a pain, er... different experience. She can only sit a certain way. Her foot has to be up all the time. She can only travel for so long before having to take a break (literally doctor's orders). You'd think a little thing like foot surgery would be an easy ordeal. Not so my friend, not so. But at the same time, I think it was good to get her out of the house even if it could only be for an hour or two. Came home, got everyone tucked safely back into the house and managed to throw together dinner in under thirty minutes.

So, gave Grandma a break from the monotony today and gave Grandpa a break from waiting hand and foot on Grandma. And cooking. Cooking is not his cup of tea. :)

So... one day left to the weekend. I think I might just take tomorrow off and hang out around town. It's been a long week and a long weekend (err, one day...) and I am ready for a break. What shall I be for one day? Museum bum? Sidewalk artist? Library geek? If anyone wants to hang out around town tomorrow, give me a call!
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