Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Allergy Season!

Somehow, I always seem to forget that I even have allergies until I get to this time of year and wake up suddenly absolutely miserable... Seriously, folks. I'm currently running on Tylenol Allergy Multi-Symptom (rapid release, thank you very much), cough drops, and an over-sized box of tissues (which is rapidly disappearing).  One thing allergy season is good for: being able to crawl into bed at 9pm as soon as I get home from work and ignore the world until I leave at 7:30am the next morning.

Almost have everything settled in apartment land. Just looking for a few last things to be able to put it all in order. I really need to get the pictures straightened out. I'm horrible at hanging groups of pictures. I've been moving pieces of paper taped to the wall around for the past three weeks with no solutions as of yet. I may just have to hang them all up haphazardly and hope it looks artfully messy...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer in the City

Life is awesome. Really. I don't think I've ever been so happy, excited, content, at peace (feel free to continue with positive adjectives).

The recent move has gone really well. I'm pretty well settled in, hoping that I get the last things I need pretty soon. It really is a fantastic location for the price if a tiny bit small. I have almost all the pictures framed and hung and it's really starting to look like something.

Things I am excited about:

She & Him - In just about three weeks I will be heading to House of Blues to see She & Him in concert! I am beyond excited about this. They are definitely my new favorite band and this will actually be my first official concert. I know, that seems pretty lame for someone my age, but it's true! And it will be awesome (I hope). Anyway, if it isn't I will be... very disappointed.

Playhouse Square - After much debate (months of it, in fact), I went ahead and purchased seasons tickets (err, season ticket singular???) for the Broadway season at Playhouse Square. This is going to be so awesome. It's an incredible deal (really!) and I will get to see things I love and/or have always wanted to see like: Blue Man Group, Les Mis, and West Side Story. I actually just finalized all of this yesterday, so it's still a very big deal. And now I just have to wait for September to roll around... Impatient? Definitely.

Farmers' Market - my local farmers market is within a five minute walk (five minute walk!) of my place on Saturdays. It is not that big, so I thought it would be pretty low-key, but I'm actually kind of impressed by the availability and quality of produce, especially this early in the season. And even if I don't actually need produce, I do try to head over there on Saturdays to treat myself to a crepe for breakfast and unconsciously support my local farmers' market to the contentment of my rumbling stomach.

The city in general - this city is seriously freaking awesome. There is so much to do here and so much of it is free. (Except the R&R Hall of Fame --keeping me from all those interesting things by your hefty price tag!).  Anyway, back to the goodness. Seriously, I love it. Never a dull moment, always something to do. Also looking forward to baseball season and hoping to be able to attend a few games rather than my typical sofa-side cheering.

Anyways, here's looking forward to an awesome summer and a great rest of the year! What are you guys looking forward to?

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Whew... Saturday is almost done and am I whooped. On Grandma duty today, so that's always an adventure. After much debate, we decided that we would try to get Grandma out into the light of day for the first time (other than doctors' appointments) in six weeks... Adventure is putting it lightly. I have a new appreciation for people with disabilities. Or for anyone who has to use a wheelchair. Ever. You don't think about how inaccessible places are -even those that are supposedly up to ADA compliant. Even traveling in the car was a pain, er... different experience. She can only sit a certain way. Her foot has to be up all the time. She can only travel for so long before having to take a break (literally doctor's orders). You'd think a little thing like foot surgery would be an easy ordeal. Not so my friend, not so. But at the same time, I think it was good to get her out of the house even if it could only be for an hour or two. Came home, got everyone tucked safely back into the house and managed to throw together dinner in under thirty minutes.

So, gave Grandma a break from the monotony today and gave Grandpa a break from waiting hand and foot on Grandma. And cooking. Cooking is not his cup of tea. :)

So... one day left to the weekend. I think I might just take tomorrow off and hang out around town. It's been a long week and a long weekend (err, one day...) and I am ready for a break. What shall I be for one day? Museum bum? Sidewalk artist? Library geek? If anyone wants to hang out around town tomorrow, give me a call!