Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night

OK, so this post will actually not be all about the Oscars. It just happened to be a nice coincidence that it is Oscar night and I just happen to be watching them as I get ready for tomorrow.

Pretty good weekend. Went to see Jesus Christ Superstar last night. Have to say that it took some time for Ted Neeley to grow on me, but eventually I came to appreciate him. Old school and pretty impressive. Though  John Twiford  as Judas really took the cake.  I mean really. He was incredible. And, trust me, it really pains me to say that of a former American Idol contestant.

(Sidenote: Would Avatar please stop winning Oscars?)

Went to see a church youth group production of Godspell tonight. Pretty good. I forget how -even though the production is never seamless, professional, and rarely polished- the energy and excitement is so infectious from groups like that. The pitch wasn't perfect, the lighting was jury-rigged and operated by light-switch, but I had a fantastic time. I haven't laughed so much in a long time.

PS: I really want to see Alice in Wonderland. Anyone seen it yet?
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