Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do You Ever...?

Do you ever have those moments where you just look back and cringe? Having one of those right now. Was glancing through some Facebook pictures and just wish I could go back and talk some sense into my 18-year-old self. Or even my 21-year-old self. Both of them could've used a large dose of reality. I was so wrapped up in myself, so obsessed with 'what people thought'. I look back and just wish that I could've seen how selfish and ignorant that was. Then again, I suppose life is about learning and I would have never learned from those experiences if I hadn't gone through them the way I did. I had to progress somehow from shy, awkward, socially inept 18-year-old into some semblance of an adult. Granted, I'm still shy, I have a fair number of awkward moments on a regular basis and sometimes I still feel inept, but perhaps it counts for something now that I actually recognize these moments for what they truly are.
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