Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Time Is Here

Christmas? Really? This time of year I look at all the people who are excessively happy (Just how much eggnog did you have, Mrs. Jones?) or those who are extremely crazy (Christmas brings out severe cases of manic shopper syndrome) and I just have to wonder why they do it. Do people enjoy going to malls where you can't walk two feet without someone ramming you in the shins with a stroller, grabbing your hands to demonstrate their amazing product (I don't want a manicure. Really.), or running into someone who has randomly stopped in the middle of the hall and caused a pile-up in the mall melee?

I see all the crazy rushing, the traffic, the money, the credit card bills and more, and I have to wonder if this is truly what Christmas means to these people? Why 'celebrate' a holiday if it's equated with incredible stress, living beyond means, greed, and gluttony? I know, I know, some of you may point out the 'true meaning of Christmas' and I get that bit, it's all the other stuff that I don't get.

I should try not to complain, but I just get so frustrated when I know what people turn the hoildays into. I never realized until I worked retail just how insane people can get - the Mom yelling at her kids to 'get in the Christmas spirit already!', the woman going through six different credit cards before finding one that wasn't declined because she maxxed out all of the others, the men forced to accompany their wives on nightmare shopping days eyeing the crowds (who are frothing at the mouth) with wary eyes, the children screaming because they came crashing down from their sugar high, there isn't a sugar cookie in sight and they haven't slept in a week - This is what Christmas looks like in the United States?

Happy Retail, Claustrophobia, and National Materialism Month!
(And may you somehow find the true meaning of Christmas amidst the insanity).
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