Thursday, December 10, 2009


Changes, changes. Making a few changes, hoping for others.

Hoping for a job - still nothing. Doing follow-up calls and emails, constantly refining the cover letters and resumes and still nothing. As said at is, this tacit rejection is swinging quite a blow at my ego. I am so used to jobs (good jobs, even!) falling into my lap that now that I actually have to search I'm getting a little annoyed. Okay, more than a little annoyed.

Other immediate changes: I renamed my blog. I did this before, but it just didn't seem to fit. Granted, this one might go in the next month or two (who knows!), but I like it better than the other. So, the blog is now called "Attempting Transformation". Might sound a little hokey, perhaps a little high-and-mighty, but mostly I just wanted something to reflect the transitions and changes I'm going through right now. Hopefully, I'm growing and learning from all these lovely experiences - hence the 'attempting' bit.

In other news, I am 80% sure that I will get to go to the Andrew Peterson concert in Kokomo! Yay! Quite excited. As of right now it's only me and McKenna (we're old pros at road trips together - even if it is only an hour and a half), but we're pretty excited. Ordering tickets tomorrow if all goes as planned. Anyone want to drive up to Indianapolis and go with us? ;)
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