Monday, November 16, 2009


So, I'm trying to think of fun/cool things to do on Thanksgiving since I'm pretty sure I'll be on my own. Here are some ideas I've got so far, with the help of brainstorming and some Google searches.

1) Do Thanksgiving Dinner in miniature (this is pretty cool because, as I love to cook, this is a real treat and I can also cut out the holiday foods that I don't like!)

2) Volunteer - whether it be at a soup kitchen, a church dinner, or something else this would be a great way to be around people and get to make some new acquaintances around the holiday season. The work is generally easy and all it takes is a willingness to help and a smile, so I might have to try this one if I can find stuff around here (working in a new area is a bit challenging).

3) Movies - treat myself to a movie on Thanksgiving day! This sounds like a fun time to me. Whether it's a holiday movie that I rent (I'm thinking "Holiday Inn", "A Christmas Story", "White Christmas" or "Miracle on 34th Street") or one that's in the theatres, this can always be fun and a good way to kick off the holiday season.

4) Go out for Thanksgiving dinner - I never really thought about this before, but there are a number of restaurants that -for a certain amount and with reservations- do a mean holiday meal. Granted, I like cooking, but this might be a fun new way to experience Turkey Day.

Hope you all are looking forward to the holidays and (hopefully!) some sort of break. I for one am just very thankful that I am NOT working Black Friday. After working two Black Fridays at one of the largest outlet malls in the midwest, I have a new appreciation for retail workers and a strong desire never to do that again.
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