Monday, November 23, 2009

I Got The Sun In The Morning

Hello, friends on Blogger!

Well, not much happening here. Still job-searching. Still dog-/house-sitting. Exploring Indianapolis, getting lost (inevitably). Listening to Betty Hutton sing "I Got the Sun in the Morning" from Annie, Get Your Gun. Classic. :)

"Got no diamonds, got no pearls. Still I think I'm a lucky girl...
Got no butler, got no maid. Still I think I've been overpaid...
Got no silver, got no gold. What I got can't be bought or sold"

Ok, so that's half true. I'm not overpaid (I'm just not paid for the most part) and I often am never grateful for the little that I do have. I like this song. It's like my untraditional Thanksgiving song. Sung with a little bit of grovel and in a fringe-covered coat.

Oh wait! There is one thing to be thankful for! After six weeks (SIX WEEKS!) of job searching, no money, and carefully written appeals... my unemployment has be reinstated! Yay! So excited, merely because now I can pay bills for another month or two! This is a huge answer to prayer and one I seriously had no hope for because Michigan is so overloaded with people claiming unemployment that I figured they'd cut out as many as possible. But they didn't cut me! So, bill collectors, just hold your horses because you will not be calling me this month!
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