Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coupon Clipping and Starbucks?

So, had a discussion the other day with my mother and it started me thinking. I mentioned something about wanting to get a Kroger card because of the discounts, then that got us on to the subject of coupon clipping and I started to talk about a few of my friends who are getting into it. Her observation (not verbatim) was how odd it was that 'the-generation-that-will-pay-out-the-nose-for-Starbucks' would like coupon clipping.

My thought is that a lot of the Starbucks-goers are middle-aged business people. Yes, there are a number of college students, but in my experience it's split about 50/50 depending on location. Next thought: I enjoy getting the good deals because it then enables me to treat myself every once in a while (i.e. stuff like Starbucks). Granted, I've cut down (A LOT) on my Starbucks consumption, but I just thought it was an interesting thought.

What do you think? Either about Starbucks (and the outrageous prices) or coupon clipping?
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