Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Well, sitting here (taking a break from) job-searching and not really enjoying the cold. I think this is because I have no socks. Lack of socks is never a good thing on a cold, blustery day. At least it hasn't snowed yet!

I've been thinking about Christmas gifts. I love to give gifts. I really do. It's a lot more fun for me to give than to get. Lately, I've been thinking on what to get people for Christmas when I have no money -some people are getting drawings, others just cards and a Christmas IOU... One idea I really like (but will have to wait until I have money again) is getting Christmas 'gifts' through an organization like Heifer International. The cheapest gift is $20, but it seems like such a great idea. Instead of getting myself more stuff for Christmas, I could actually give back. I realize I might sound self-righteous here, but I'm not trying to... Or rather, I'm trying not to. I just thought it would be something really cool - and as I rarely get what I want for Christmas, no loss! ;)

Well, back to applications I go. Judging by the success rate of my job-search, I could well be back in school before I ever find a job... Stupid economy.
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