Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blah Humbug

Ha! I like my little idiotic play on words. "Humbug" because, as a former retail worker, holidays (especially Thanksgiving and whether I'm working retail or not) come with a fair bit of angst (I still do not know what possesses people to go out and shop on Black Friday) and "blah" because I will be bored and alone (A-L-O-N-E) on Thanksgiving. Granted, it's not that big a deal. Done it before and will do it again, but it's rarely fun. Anyone want to drive all the way to Indianapolis and spend the holiday with me as a dog sit?????? I'll cook! Come on, you know you want to!

Leaving tomorrow for Indianapolis to a) go to a concert (I hope!) and b) dog sit for my family as they all go down to Florida for Thanksgiving. Won't actually be that bad, I'll get a gigantic house to myself and a new city to explore. Maybe I'll even get a job out of the whole ordeal. Who knows. Getting pretty discouraged about that. Looks like Cleveland doesn't have much more to offer than any other place does, so I'm off to my city-of-last-resort: Indianapolis. We'll see what happens.

If I don't 'talk' to you guys before then, have a great thanksgiving day!

Anything in particular you're thankful for this year? I'm thankful for my farmer's market (yes, I'm a dork), a car that is miraculously still running (fingers-crossed!), and finally being done with my BA (despite my lack of a job).
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