Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Time!

So, because I have so much time on my hands, I was able to kind of go hog wild on the pumpkin carving stuff. I usually do two pumpkins and always have fun picking out the patterns or deciding what to carve. This year was no different. Well, except for the fact that I had three pumpkins on my hands (Grandma chickened out at the last minute) and a lot of pent-up artistic obsessiveness apparently... So, these are pictures of the three pumpkins. Pumpkins #1 and #2 are more or less from a pattern (I don't have a printer, so it was looking them up on the web and then freehanding them with a sharpie). Pumpkin #3 was inspired by a pattern, but is mostly my own. Needless to say, the last one is my favorite.

I call him Bob.

I believe this one is called "Good Bite Moon". Hehehe...

First Scene of Pumpkin #3 (Is supposed to be a continuous landscape, but had to break up with trees for structural issues).

Next Scene: Moonlight over Pumpkins :)

And lastly, my favorite. The Haunted House.

I love pumpkin carving.
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